Raising Beardies

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I am all about raising my adorable geeks, but a few months ago, one of our geeks began raising one of his own.  Meet Summer – she is a bearded dragon that Drew got for his birthday.


We got the tank, gear, and some books for him and we got everything set up and then he started his research.  He wanted to be sure he was a good beardie parent so he did a lot of reading.  A few days later, we went to pick up Summer.


Summer is a very sweet bearded dragon and she is a blast to play with.  Feeding time provides a couple of minutes of spine tingling action as she madly hunts for the crickets hopping about in her private little desert.  This fun little creature inspired a new project idea!  What if we had a camera we could use to watch her from anywhere?  When we were away, we could check in on her.  We could watch her play and hunt in her hysterical active moments! So how are we going to make this work?

In March of 2014, we went to Makerland in Warsaw, Poland where we met Alan.  Alan led a workshop called “Hacking Hens Happiness” where he showed us how he set up cameras to monitor his hens.   He wanted to be able to tell remotely when his hens laid eggs and when those eggs hatched.   He used a Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi camera module, so I thought we would try the same thing with Summer.

Alan at Makerland

Alan teaching about Raspberry Pi at Makerland

I have a raspberry pi, a raspberry pi camera board, and a camera enclosure on the way.  With a few other parts additions, we should be well on our way.

I will be sure to keep you posted as we progress!  Check back for more!

I have to share this photo I came across when I was searching for pictures of Alan at Makerland.  This was Alan, me, Emile Petrone of Tindie, and Rachel Rayns with Raspberry Pi doing a little sightseeing in Warsaw.  Now I need to get some Tindie parts for this project and it will all come full circle!  🙂

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