Tap-Tempo Metronome kit

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On New Year’s day, me and my dad built something called the Tap-Tempo Metronome Kit from Wayne & Layne. He bought it at Maker Faire New York in September 2011.

We were originally going to built the Atari Punk Console, but when I was getting it out of the bag of stuff from Maker Faire, we saw the metronome kit. I am a drummer, so I wanted to build the metronome kit instead.


1. We got out all the pieces.



2. We followed the instructions on the website. We lined up all the parts.

3. We soldered everything on the PCB. It was fun. Me and my Dad took turns soldering. We soldered over 20 things.

4.  I put in three AAA batteries

5. Turned it on, played with it for a few minutes.



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