A Visit to BMR Suspension in Tampa

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I recently realized that BMR Suspension was only an hour away from me.

I called Rich at BMR and asked if he’d give my boys & me a quick tour. He agreed, and we drove over on the last Friday before school started.

First, I have to thank Rich and all the guys at BMR. They didn’t talk down to my boys and took the time to answer all their questions. I know that is tough when you have work to do, and they were very cool about it.

The boys saw the process from raw steel to packaged part – this was perfect as I’ve been teaching them about suspensions – we recently disassembled the front suspension on our ’68 Firebird, and they know all the basic components, and now they can see how they are made.

Automatic bandsaw…

Some cool fixtures ensure perfect fit…

I almost cried when I saw his MIG welds…so clean. I need lots more practice.

I want a bridgeport…maybe one day…

Rich and I are showing the boys and upper and lower control arm together…

Big powdercoat booth…

IMHO the black hammertone looks like CRAP in online pics, but looks AWESOME in person!

If you are 9 and 12, apparently this is a roll of toilet paper for giants. I was just happy they weren’t going near the air stapler!

He likes the BIG wheels on the BMR shop ’69 🙂

Rich told me they are moving to a larger facility too, visible from I4 – I can’t wait to see the new shop and how they take advantage of the extra space.

I also got a really good look at the BMR torque arm system, subframe connectors, and front suspension gear. It was hard for me to picture the torque arm system until I was under the car looking at it. While I can’t speak for how it performs, it looks like a great implementation.

Overall, very nice parts and a very nice crew – well worth the time and the trip.

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