Inventing Merit Badge: Disney Ride and Show Engineering

The Boy Scouts of Troop 6 in Orlando, FL are working on the Inventing Merit Badge.

This merit badge was originally offered in the early 1900s – and at that time, obtaining a patent was a requirement of the merit badge. Luckily when they brought back the badge in 2010, the requirements are just a bit more attainable. One of the requirements is to interview an “Inventor” in the community. I reached out to my contacts, and found Jerold Kaplan, Director of the Ride and Show Engineering department at Disney. He graciously offered to have us out to their offices to hear about how they “invent” new rides and show equipment at Disney. The boys really enjoyed his presentation and proceeded to ask him a LOT of questions 🙂

Here are some pictures from the visit…



I want one of those outside my office building!


Check out that "Maker's Notebook" - he's proud of it!


A wall of Disney patents - we are at the right place!


We had a great evening, the boys (and the adults) learned more about inventing (and engineering!), and we really appreciate Jerold and the Disney team for spending time helping us learn.


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