Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 – element14 – Jeri, Ben & Mitch

I had not paid much attention to element14, an electronics supplier, before they sponsored the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. My participation in that challenge as part of FAMiLab, Orlando’s Hackerspace also caused me to become aware of some of the geek celebs that work with element14, namely Jeri Ellsworth, Ben Heckendorn, and Mitch Altman (left to right in the pic below)

Jeri is a self-taught engineer, chip designer, and ex-race car driver. Ben is a modder-extraordinare, a professional prototyper who hosts The Ben Heck show (on element14’s site). Mitch is the inventor of the TV-B-GONE remote, and a founding member of San Francisco’s Hackerspace, NoiseBridge. For electronic “makers”, video game modders, etc., these are our celebs 🙂
They are seated here for a panel on education (video below)

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