Electronics Merit Badge: Kit from electronicsmb.com – Part 2

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m teaching the Electronics Merit Badge for Troop 6. Since my nephew is staying with us for the summer, I gave him the option of taking the class – and he did. He soldered his kit today, after doing “Intro to Soldering” last week.

More detailed step-by-step information can be found on this post
He built the entire kit himself, I gave him a few tips, then left him to build it. He’s now ready to build his next kit, we will have to find something fun for him – given his age and amount of texting, he needs the MintyBoost that holds two CAR batteries to keep his phone charged – so a big USB charger might be just the thing…
Don’t tell him that I caught him smiling on camera 🙂

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