Electronics Merit Badge: Class Night #3

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We’ve been taking some of the Boy Scouts in Troop 6 through the Electronics Merit Badge. This night, we built the Electronics Merit Badge kit from www.electronicsmb.com, and did requirements testing.

Thanks to the Scouts – they were all prepared and did a GREAT job soldering their kits AND with their requirements testing. By the end of the night, we had 6 Scouts who had fully completed the requirements!
Thanks to the Parents who not only purchased the materials and gave their boys the opportunity, but also supervised their Scouts and helped with other Scouts.
Thanks to FamiLAB for loaning the soldering equipment, and to the FamiLAB members that helped prepare for the classes and instruct / supervise soldering.
Thanks to my friend and co-worker Jeff for also helping instruct, supervise, and take some photos (hey look – I’m in a photo!)
A quick inspection of a completed kit. This process allowed me to ask questions – they were completing requirements without even realizing it 🙂
I used this kit from Radio Shack to demonstrate Binary using a BDC to 7-segment LED integrated circuit…
Showing off his completed kit…
He learned to solder AND built his kit AND did his requirements testing on the same VERY LONG night – Love the determination!
This scout also learned to solder, built his kit, and completed his requirements testing. Great preparation!

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  1. Tim

    >Thanks for the link to the pictures. Looks like a very excellent class. Working with young people in this way, for me, is the definition of Scouting.


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