Solar Powered Camping

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We’ve been working on a project for my older son’s Boy Scout Camp trip that starts June 12th. He has a week of VERY hot nights coming, and a tent fan is recommended, but I didn’t like the idea of buying 2-4 D batteries per night of camping. We decided to build the “Solar Powered Camping” project – it contains a 12v 5w solar panel, a custom stand made from PVC (in the LOWES parking lot to save return trips!), a sealed lead acid battery, and a Coleman camping fan / light. There were (still are!) quite a few unknowns, but it seemed like a fun thing to work on together.

We still have work to do before he leaves for camp – for now I’ll just share some video tests we did using this project as something to present – please ignore the sound of the air conditioner, the references to items off screen, and me taking a phone call from Mom during the shot…this was a test for us to see if we wanted to do more video for – and the good news is that we both had fun – so look forward to some better produced videos, coming soon!

We will also fully document the project once he gets back from camp, and he can also share the results of our efforts…

1 thought on “Solar Powered Camping

  1. Ian

    >Sounds like a fantastic time for you and your son working on a project together.

    Solar power is becoming very popular. While camping recently we saw several tents, caravans and vans that included some solar panels.

    Amazing the important things we need to take with us camping.

    Hope the camping trip goes well for your son. I look forward to more posts.


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