Solar Powered Camping – Setup & Teardown Process

Basic setup & teardown instructions for the Solar Powered Camping Project…

A pile of parts!
Drive in the bottom post (has pointed tip)
Push in the top of the post (use the mallet if needed!)
Rotate the attachment fitting if needed
Place onto post
Rotate until it is flat
Unpack solar panel
Place solar panel onto stand
Turn the top fittings to secure the panel
Aim toward sun (make menacing look towards the adult with the camera)
Unpack connectors (towel keeps them out of the dirt)
Connect the 12v power socket to the solar panel
Plug the 12v charger into the socket
Lift the rubber cap on the battery
Plug the charger into the battery
The light is red when charging, green when charged – but leave on the charger as LONG as possible!
Mount the fan
Turn the safety fittings, remove the panel, place on towel
Wrap neatly back in the towel
Put the excess towel on the GLASS side!
Please it back in the PVC holder for safe transport

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