R2D2 is in TROUBLE – Game Review

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Monday is Board Game Day in my 8 year old’s classroom. The school year is almost over, and they are going to have a little fun while the class is still together. We were out shopping last night for an upcoming project (we are building a solar-recharging tent fan & light for the 11 year old’s Boy Scout Summer Camp week…) and we grabbed this new version of the classic “TROUBLE” game by Hasbro.

The game board contains Star Wars elements including R2D2 and Clone Wars animated characters
The blue and yellow pieces are “The Good Guys”
The red and green  are “Separatists and Droids”
The highlight of the game is the R2D2 “popper” in the center. It has a mini R2D2 and when pressed it makes R2D2 sounds
If R2D2 lands “on his feet” then you get an ADDITIONAL 6 moves!
This game is REALLY AWESOME!!!
The boys (and Mom!) had lots of fun playing, and it should be a hit on Monday 🙂
Big Geek, Little Geeks & Mom recommended!

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