New Kitteh

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Apparently the chaos knob in our household wasn’t quite to 11 yet. My soft-hearted wife (don’t let that tough girl exterior fool you…) brought home a new kitten this week.

She was abandoned somewhere near my wife’s office – She’s missing a foot (but has 4 legs), but otherwise is very healthy.

She is still unnamed – but given the big “M” in stripes on her forehead I suspect she will get a name that starts with M. Someone suggested “meter” (just over 3 feet…get it…) and another suggested “minus” – while “minus” is pretty cute and goes well with our dog “Cygnus”, I’m still not sure about a name that highlights a physical deformity.

Time for some “awwww” pics…

So far she’s adventurous, and likes to explore, but pretty quickly finds a corner and hangs out there.

She found a gap that led into the filler panel of our bathroom vanity yesterday morning – that was about a 30 minute extraction process to get her to the Vet on time.

Time to build some kitty-likes-to-chase-small-things robots!  🙂

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