Determination: Required Trait for 3D Printer Owners

After my meltdown earlier in the week, I borrowed ANOTHER hot end, and this time, did some printing!

Of course, RepSnapper died about 20% through the print, so I didn’t get a complete cube, but this is major progress.

I’m also now able to detect some of the finer issues – still having slippage on the X-Axis pulley, and the Z endstop was set too high. I’ll keep at it – Determination is a required trait for 3D printer owners!

2 thoughts on “Determination: Required Trait for 3D Printer Owners

  1. MLR266

    >I use to wonder, "Why would some one build a ship in a bottle?" Now that I am making a 3D printer, I just know not to ask silly questions like that.

    My “small fire” did not consume any of my parts. I managed to cut the power in time, but there was a bunch of smoke and I filled the house with the smell of burning ABS. I did not have my thermostat wire strain relived and it broke. Un-fortunately instead of failing-safe the RAMPS fails-catastrophically when zero is read for the temperature.

    I got my first parts in the mail 4 weeks ago, and I am now printing 20cm cubes with “almost ok” quality (after a marathon 4th of July long weekend).

    I see you have your heater bed mounted. Is it working? What material did you mount it to? How well is it working?

  2. Ian Cole

    >I'd suspected that a bad thermistor connection caused the meltdown. I need to check the Sprinter firmware that appears to be the new rage for RAMPS boards and see if it has protection… Heated bed is working, it is attached to a wood base that came with the MakerGear kit. It heats up – it isn't super flat or super consistent – which is why prusa puts his under glass…


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