Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 – Arduino – Massimo Banzi

My oldest son & I hit Maker Faire in the Bay Area this past weekend. I intended to blog from there, but there was SO much to do that we decided it could wait until we were home…

We’ve used the Arduino platform in quite a few projects, and I gave my son his “own” Arduino for prototyping on his last birthday. He was excited to hear from Massimo Banzi, the most visible member of the Arduino team.

Massimo covered “The State of Arduino” which really was an overview of the community (web stats) and “official” board sales…

He also covered the opening of the Arduino store (open now), the release of the Arduino ethernet (June 17th) – has POE support, Arduino wifi shield (July 4th) – sounds like the processor is hackable leading to custom protocol support without adding code to the host Arduino, the MegaADK for Android (June / July?), then Arduino 1.0 in September (sketchy details…)

After the big update, my son went up to talk to Massimo. He couldn’t fight off the Arduino fanboys though, and after about 10 minutes of waiting, we bailed. It was one of the few times he didn’t get to talk to a maker or speaker, so I don’t think it had a lasting impression. Maker Faire isn’t just kid-friendly, it is KID-ENABLING.

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