>2011 Central Florida Scout Show – Building a Mini Mobile Billboard


For the Pack 6 Scout Show booth about Gears – we built a Mini Mobile Billboard – aka a sign on a remote control car 🙂
You can see the car on the table here – we used it to keep our Scouts amused and to draw visitors to the booth during some of the slower periods of the day… 
We started with a cool remote control car – its has 4 wheel drive, and the wheels pivot flat instead of turning left to right. (See the last pic) It has a clear bottom and a LOT of gears are visible – PERFECT for a booth about gears.
We cut some foamcore, put blue tape on the car and then hot-glued the foamcore to the blue tape. The “hot glue to blue tape” trick is getting lots of use around here lately…then we made a powerpoint slide with gears on it, and varied it for the curvature of the car body on each side of the sign. 
The car was a bit hit, and brought people to the booth every time. More pics below…

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