>Washington DC – Day 3 – Friday

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>Friday’s Adventures:

  • Friday was “Air & Space Day” although we managed to surround it with a few more items from the list…
  • Capitol Building area – we took the metro to the Capitol station, and saw the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. Repeated pleas of “We don’t have to go IN do we?” meant we did a quick walk by… It leaves us something to do on their next trip.
  • National Air & Space Museum – we were there from 10:30 to 6:00 and we didn’t stop moving. They LOVED it. Somehow we managed to save the gift shop until the end. It took quite a while to get them to decide on something, given he 3 stories full of planes, rockets, science kits, LEGO and Star Wars. I also got the boys dog tags that have their name and say “Washington DC, Spring Break 11”
  • We split up after dinner – our friends went to visit their friends and it gave me a little time with just the boys. We had a GREAT evening. 
    • We cruised back by Natural History for some food (ended up having the identical meal we had at lunch the day before since the large cafe was closed), a little more shopping (some gifts) and I convinced them to walk through the section we’d missed the day before. It was the section on bones and forensic anthropology – after a day of cruising exhibits, they were still exited by what they saw. The science aspect of the forensic anthropology exhibit was great and they were still reading exhibits late in the day. Temperance Brennan would be proud 🙂
    •  After Natural History closed we saw the Washington Monument at dusk and then walked by the White House at night. It was a fun walk culminating in the use of a metro stop where the boys saw a homeless man urinating into a trash can. 
    • They boys enjoyed the Metro, and since we passed through Foggy Bottom, they were able to sing their new song “Foggy Bottom Blue” again. Unfortunately the song only has those three words, so its gets annoying pretty quickly.
    • The Westin Shuttle took us from the Metro to an ice cream shop on King St. in Alexandria, and picked us up again. It was a nice treat and a great way to end the day. On the way back, the driver played tour guide and showed us a restaurant, a home, and a church where George Washington visited.

This is the ORIGINAL Starship Enterprise used to shoot the Original Star Trek television series…

Pointing to Perry the Platupus’ relative in the display  case…

Another pic for Mike…
I wish that swordfish would stop looking at me.

The below pics are from the Forensic Anthropology section at the Natural History Museum – This will be first stop for Candy when she comes back to D.C.

I wonder if it squeaked?

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