>April 10th: MakerGear Instructions Links

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>I’m tired of hunting around for instructions, so this is my summary link page…thanks to all those who have documented these items!

Gary Hodgson’s Visual Prusa Instructions

Brock Tice’s Maker Gear Prusa Mendel Instructions (Differences from the Visual Prusa Instructions)

MakerGear Stepper Plastruder Instructions (and links to build the HotEnd, BrutHead Filament drive, etc)

MakerGear Flickr Photostream

MakerGear Critical Photos – PRINT THESE BIG and KEEP THEM NEAR! I’ve linked to the “all sizes” page for each photo – once I realized you could download / print them at “original” size, I could then make out MUCH more detail…

(More links after the photos…)

Note: you can see the Y-endstop in this pic on the left side smooth Y-axis rod at the back. The X-endstop is visible on the back smooth X-axis rod on the right side.

Note: This is a bowden cable setup, but a good view of the Z-end stop, the X-carriage belt, etc.

MakerGear Stepper Extruder Prusa Mendel Mount – Top
MakerGear Stepper Extruder Prusa Mendel Mount – Bottom

RAMPS build Instructions – Note: I believe the 10nf notation to be incorrect on these instructions, my RAMPS 1.2 board had a 100nf label and came with a 100nf cap.

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