>2011 Central Florida Scout Show

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>My boys and I are participating in the 2011 Central Florida Scout Show on April 30th at UCF Stadium.

If you live in Central Florida, you’ve likely seen the billboards, or bought fundraiser discount cards from a Cub or Boy Scout.

My boys & I are running the booth for Cub Scout Pack 6 – the booths are intended to show Scouts and local visitors about the Scouting experience. I’m a big believer in the educational side of Scouting, and love that they have science and engineering in the program very early. With that in mind, our Scout Show booth will be all about GEARS! To make it appealing for this age group, we will be teaching about gears using LEGO GEARS and LEGO ROBOTS!

I’ll use this blog post for updates since the show is a week away and we are now in execution mode.

Yesterday, we used some family time to create a 3-speed transmission with a clutch using the Lego NXT set. We used the plans and code from nxtprograms.com – if you have a Lego NXT robot, you MUST check out this site – we’ve had many awesome building sessions with their plans.

Here are some pics of my older son building the transmission with his grandfather & me. We used our normal system – I stage parts by section number, he builds. I generally only get to build if he gets really stuck – he takes great pride in being the Lego Master of the house…

More soon…

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