>October 26th: The Snow Cone Monster!

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>I was sitting at my desk tonight, trying to shake off some mental crud when I got the call for homework help. This typically only happens in extreme circumstances – and usually when something needs to be built.

Sure enough, the 7 year old needed to create a three dimensional monster and bring it to school tomorrow. I was tempted to hit the scrap metal pile & have him build something REALLY cool, but given one evening, that wasn’t practical.

He then explains that he wants to build a “Snow Cone Monster”. Now I’ve had some scary desserts, but I’ve never particularly found Snow Cones threatening. I guess they could give you a cold headache, or stain your face, but not really sure how to make one menacing.

After searching the house for lightweight cone-shaped donor objects and striking out, I went low tech…DUCT TAPE.

In the end, we used Duct Tape, a coat hanger, construction paper, vinyl gloves, newspaper, more duct tape, popsicle sticks, wire ties, even more duct tape, and a little more duct tape.

I present to you, the scariest snow cone alive…and a happy 7 year old :>)

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