>July 10th: More Power!!

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>I’ve been annoyed by not having a benchtop power supply for sometime. When I’m working with basic Arduino stuff it isn’t a big deal because I get 5v off the Arduino – but when I’m working with 12v control, I’m constantly finding some other wallwart or other source, hacking something together and typically without any regard for safety – for me or the circuit. I’ve been looking at benchtop supplies online and had picked out a nice Extech, but just couldn’t justify the cost. I decided to stop by Skycraft yesterday to see if they had something. I had the choice between a new 30 volt / 3 amp digital meter power supply from some unknown Chinese manufacturer for $130, or a used Extech 382222 15 volt / 12 amp analog meter power supply for $95.

I chose the used, known good manufacturer, analog gauge power supply with MORE POWER!
Right now the Extech is pumping out just over 10 amps to an automotive radiator fan at 13.8v. It is very stable, and handles overcurrent gracefully… 
In my haste to leave the store (due to my 7-year old being mad that I wouldn’t buy him this large plastic wheel from whatever), I forgot to buy some banana plug leads…but I found some banana plug adapters in the home stereo connector drawer, so I’m good for now.
I’ll likely build a plug in 5v supply so that I can easily have dual voltage – but no big hurry, as I mentioned, my Arduinos all have voltage regulation on them…

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