June 19th: Phone Geek Day!

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When I woke up this morning, I put on my tshirt with the little green Android on it. I guess I knew it was Phone Geek Day!

  • Bought the 10 year old his first phone – a T-Mobile My Touch 3g Slide. Android 2.1 – He’s VERY Happy.
  • Upgraded the old 2G iphone to 3.x firmware, activated, unlocked & jailbroken. Gave it to the 7 year old for wifi use only. He has a “phone” too, but no calls / text. Basically an iPod touch, but it got me past the phone envy.
  • Upgraded Candy’s My Touch 3g to 2.1 (cyanogenmod) from 1.6. She gets to catch up on some of the Android features she’s been missing.
  • Upgraded my old G1 from cyanogen 4.x to cyanogen 5.x (Android 2.2) – it will be the garage phone for when my hands are greasy and I want to check email, search for something or control airtunes. Wifi only – no SIM.

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