June 6th – Woodworking!

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Today we (both boys & my friend Lou helped in various ways…) built this prototype case for the new project.

The top panel will have a top view of a 68 Firebird, with the major electrical items labeled and an LED for each one indicating that it has power. White LEDs for headlights, RED for brake lights, Yellow for turn signals, etc. Maybe blue for all the other stuff, who knows 🙂

The top will also have a mock dashboard with an ignition switch (keys & all), a headlight switch (a real one that pulls out for parking lamps, headlamps, and has a rotary dimmer for interior lights…) and a bunch of small switches to activate turn signals, brakes, hazards, windows, door locks, etc.

The bottom panel (it is raised 1/2 inch off the bottom to provide mounting hardware & wiring space underneath) will contain the three microcontrollers and show how the car is divided into the engine compartment controller, the under dash controller and the trunk controller.

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