Houston, we have a CASE!

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Something about getting the project into a case makes it feel very real to me. So without further ado, a picture!

I’m made the liquid crystal wiring long enough so that when its mounted on the Control Panel, I can open the lid, move it up, and refasten it so the display is visible and not hanging.

I added the buttons by the LCD to do some basic menu work using the LCD if I choose – up / down / enter will be their likely functionality.

The wiring from the panel will come though the hole between the two top “modules”. You can see that better in this picture.

The edge of the Arduino was NOT exposed, since power will come in from the back AND I didn’t want the kids pulling out the SD card.

I’ve also “defragmented” my pin use on the Mega so that I can free some¬†contiguous¬†pins for the 3 new buttons AND something else that is coming soon which I think needs 8 digital pins.

Thanks to my buddy Lou who used his new dremel to cut the openings AND to build some standoffs for the boards.

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