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The WaveShield arrived from AdaFruit and I promptly assembled it. It was an easy assembly, especially since I’ve been getting lots of soldering practice.

I had some trouble getting it working, but it wasn’t my soldering, it was the SD Card that I scrounged out of my desk. It was a minisd card out of an old cell phone, but apparently minisd and microsd aren’t required to implement the electrical interface used by the WaveShield. One I stole a microsd out of an older camera, everything worked great.

My son wanted his Control Panel to make sounds like the ships in Star Wars Clone Wars. I got some major amazement looks when I showed him how I could rip sound off a DVD. We picked a few and I made them play with button presses on the Lab breadboard setup.

I’d already read that the WaveShield needs to be modified to run with the Arduino Mega, so I quickly set out to make that modification. The modifications are simple and documented here.

I received the WaveShield with a broken audio volume pot I didn’t realize it until it was installed and I tried to use it. I emailed AdaFruit that night – They replied quickly and immediately put another one in the mail. It was a big of work to remove / resolder, but an easy fix overall.

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